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The process of posting bail is confusing enough to those unfamiliar with its requirements and the necessary steps needed for release of individuals in jail. Bail bonds can be quickly resolved with the help of experienced professionals that are specialized in the field. Bondsmen serve this purpose, to help those in need of release from jail who are unable to meet the, typically high, bail amounts posted for the accused crime.

About Us

Las Vegas Bail Bonds Now has been servicing the Clark County area with quality bail bonds and professional bondsmen. The structure of our work is defined by the consistency and reliability we give each of our clients that comes to us for help. As licensed bondsmen, our work is dignified through our approach to delivering customers with all the information and resources needed to post bail, along with case-related guidance through the aftermath of jail and how to resolve the remaining bail bond amounts.

We’re known in the area as the most reputable bondsmen and our professionals are trained with respect and dependability – giving each of our clients a service they can be comfortable with.


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We understand the ins and outs of the bail bond market, the competition, and the desire others have to take advantage of a troubling situation. We set ourselves differently, ensuring that each of our clients are treated respectfully and our work is honest and dignified. We’re transparent and offer integrity that can’t be matched elsewhere.

Our bondsmen hold your safety at a standard and work around specific needs for each case, whether that be due to the timing of your court hearings, the complexity of your case, or the amount required for bail. You can count on us to service you with nothing but professionalism and sincerity.

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Las Vegas Bail Bondsman

Bondsmen, in the state of Nevada, require a deposit premium as insurance which amounts to 15% of your total bail. Once we agree to terms of service, payment options, and the remaining collateral amount for your bond’s balance, one of our bondsmen will post the remaining amount to ensure your immediate release. Thereafter, you’ll be required – by contract – to attend your court hearings to dissolve the remaining bond balance allocated to your case.

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Bail Bonds Las Vegas

Las Vegas Bail Bonds Now employs a specialized team of qualified bondsmen, ready to assist you during a frustrating time. If you’ve found yourself in need of bondsmen services, we’re here to help by answering all of your questions regarding the process of booking, posting bail, and much more.

Our team of trained professionals have been working in the Las Vegas system for a number of years and are experienced to take on bail for clients with simple or complex cases.

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Bail Bonds Clark County

Our bondsmen have been servicing the Clark County area for many years, assisting customers with successful bail bond requests and a prompt response time to each inquiry. Our licensed professionals are trained to act quickly to ensure you a swift release.

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Bail Bonds Near Me

Las Vegas Bail Bonds Now consistently delivers professional and reliable services to the Clark County area. Our location to detention facilities and 24/7 availability makes us desirable to those that need immediate assistance.

Our services are delivered conveniently, securely, and are practical for clients that need a bail bondsman in no time.

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Posting Bail Las Vegas

Whatever price your bail bond may be, our bondsmen are here to curve the anxiety that many individuals have when they see that number. We work with our clients to provide honest and open communication throughout the process of posting bail. We want you to go home quickly, safely, and without financial trouble.

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Las Vegas NV Bail Bonds Now

Las Vegas Bail Bonds Now serves the Clark County area with the finest and most detailed bail bond services available. Our trained bondsmen cater to each of our clients’ needs on a case by case basis, to determine the best route for posting bail, along with financial support that is comfortable and secure.

Contact Us

​In order for us to adequately assist you in posting bail, you can get in contact with us once your bail has been determined by the judge. If you’re unable to reach us from within the holding facility, a family member or loved one can do so on your behalf just as easily. We provide services for all variations of bail bonds that match your accused crime. Our bondsmen are available 24/7 to take calls or answer questions, and can be reached by the number listed on our website or business cards.

Our email address is always open and we do our best to answer inquiries from all contact platforms. For faster service, though, we recommend calling so we can more readily post bail for those in time sensitive situations.

“Las Vegas Bail Bonds Now was able to help me during a difficult time. I wasn’t financially able to post my bail at once, but they worked with and my case, got me out of jail quickly so I was able to get back to work and pay off the remaining balance. They’re great, professional, and really understanding. Thanks Las Vegas Bail Bonds Now!” – Tom W.

“The guys at Las Vegas Bail Bonds Now are truly the area’s leading bail bondsmen. They knew every detail about posting bail and answered all my questions. I went to them for assistance and came out with friends that were super professional and delivered my bail. You guys are the best!” – Joseph T.

“I was called to help a friend after she had been arrested and Las Vegas Bail Bonds Now were right there to offer me help. They’re located near the detention center and are open 24/7 so I wasn’t worried about having to wait to get help. You guys made the process so much easier and now my friend’s back home in one piece!” – Victoria L.