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Our bondsmen have been servicing the Clark County area for many years, assisting customers with successful bail bond requests and a prompt response time to each inquiry.

Our licensed professionals are trained to act quickly to ensure you a swift release. If you’re confused about how the bond process works or the benefits of hiring a bondsman to help post your bail, we’re here to help answer all of the questions you may have regarding your bond. While there are different types of bonds that are available and dependent on your individual case, we can still assist in answering questions about them all.

Property Bond

Property bonds are accepted by the state of Nevada, but the property must amount to at least 150% of the bond amount. Property bonds often require more paperwork on the court’s side to ensure that ownership of the property is in order and confirmed. Since this process takes longer, it could mean that you or your loved one must remain in a holding facility until the ownership confirmation process has been completed.

Cash Bond

Cash bonds are bonds that can easily be paid in cash for release. The bond amount much be paid in full and only in cash, as required by the respective detention facility. Bondsmen are not needed in cases of cash bonds where the client is able to pay the bond in full on site.

Own Recognizance

Own recognizance bonds are granted when a defendant has committed a misdemeanor or less serious crime. The individual may not be asked to pay a financial bond, but will instead be asked to sign a declaration stating that they are sworn to appear in court again for future hearings. While you may not necessarily need a bondsman for this type of release, you should note the stipulations that still come with it.

Under conditions of the bond, as set out by your judge, most recognizance bonds will require frequent checkups with court officials and may limit your ability to travel.

Surety Bond

Surety bonds are where bondsmen likely come in for assistance. Depending on what your bond is, bondsmen are hired to ease the discomfort of paying a higher bond in full. In order to obtain our bondsman services, you will be asked to make a deposit as a means of insurance, which is calculated as 15% of the total amount of your initial bond. This fee is regulated by the state of Nevada and is non-refundable or negotiable.

If you are unable to provide financial means for the remaining bond’s balance, our bondsmen will ask for collateral valued at the amount of your bond’s remaining balance. After agreed upon, our bondsmen will post your bail for the balance and, in return, you will be expected to attend all court proceedings relevant to your case until it has closed. If you fail to do so, however, this could result in the loss of your collateral means.


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