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Las Vegas Bail Bonds Now employs a specialized team of qualified bondsmen, ready to assist you during a frustrating time. If you’ve found yourself in need of bondsmen services, we’re here to help by answering all of your questions regarding the process of booking, posting bail, and much more.

Our team of trained professionals have been working in the Las Vegas system for a number of years and are experienced to take on bail for clients with simple or complex cases.


The booking process typically occurs when you’ve made it to the respective detention facility, you will then be checked in to a holding location. This means that, officials at the facility will begin to confirm your demographic information, review the violation you are being booked for, and proceed to take your picture. After retaining your personal items and taking fingerprints, you’ll then be cleared to move on to another section of the facility. The process of booking is procedural and everyone that is booked into the facility must undergo it.

Once completed, you’ll be led into a holding room where you’ll stay until you’re able to come before a judge to review your bail.

Determining Bail

Once you’ve come before a judge, the judge will then review your arrest and the violation you are being accused of. Depending on the accusations and circumstances, the judge will then determine your bail. Most violations are set at a standard bail, based on the seriousness of the crime. Common misdemeanors, for example, are usually set at around $1,000.

For more serious crimes, bail is not standardized, and will then be up to the discretion of the judge. If you have a past criminal record or the circumstances surrounding your arrest are more severe, this may increase the bail amount set by the judge.

Posting Bail

When the judge has determined your bail, you can begin contacting bondsmen to assist in posting the bail amount for your release. The longer bail is delayed payment, the longer you risk remaining in a holding facility until the amount is paid.

If your bond is set high and you do not readily have the funds to post bail yourself, getting in touch with a bondsman is the best alternative. We’re available at all times, regardless of the hour, to assist you in posting bail.

Conditions of Bail

Your conditions of bail are usually set out between you and the judge, parting with a court date in which you next need to appear in person. In the meantime, our job - as bondsmen – is to ensure your release beforehand so you do not have to wait in a holding facility until your court date.

We work with both criminal and civil bonds and will assist clients that are in financial need of either. When entering a partnership as your bondsman, we require collateral as an insurance measure to ensure that you will appear at future court dates.


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