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Las Vegas Bail Bonds Now is the area’s leading bondsman due to our exceptional customer service and consistent yet satisfactory work. Our bondsmen professionals have been servicing the Las Vegas area for many years, providing each of our clients with tailored services that match their bonds needs.

Our work is done quickly and efficiently, and we’re there every step of the way to ensure your release. We understand our clients’ financial predicaments and pride ourselves on being able to work directly with them to build a flexible working relationship.

Who We Are 

Our reputation is built on the work we’ve achieved around the Clark County area along with the professional level of service our clients’ continue to entrust us with. Our bondsmen are called during difficult times and understand the frustration that unexpected jail time or high bails can bring. We’re available at all hours of the day or night to deliver you with bondsmen services that ease complex situations and get you, or your loved ones, home safely.

Our Practice

Las Vegas Bail Bonds Now was established with the intention to secure bail postings for clients that do not have the funds immediately available to self post. We’ve assessed the market’s needs for our work and ensure that our honest and transparent practices are performed quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Our values of integrity, reliability, and commitment to posting your bail, are what have continually driven us to create a bondsman practice that is beyond dependable. Our experience outperforms the competitors due to our years of consistent success in posting bail for clients in the Clark County area. 

How Does It Work?

When you have been arrested or accused of a crime, the bail process will begin once you’ve completed booking into the local facility. After the judge has set your bail, you can start contacting local bondsmen to assist in your release. As most bails are set at a standard amount, individuals will usually rely on bondsmen to make up the difference in bail money if they do not have the cash amount in hand.

Bondsmen require a deposit as insurance, which is often a percentage of your total bail. Once we agree to terms of service and the remaining collateral amount for your bond’s balance, one of our bondsmen will post the remaining amount to ensure your immediate release. Thereafter, you’ll be required – by contract – to attend your court hearings to dissolve the remaining bond balance.


When it comes to posting bail, timing is everything. The longer your bail amount is unmet, the longer you will remain at a holding facility. Our bondsmen work around the clock, at all hours, to be available to assist customers that need immediate service. Once you’ve been released from jail, it is important that you follow up with your court schedule, given to you by the judge. In doing so, this will prevent you from owing more in collateral damages over time.


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