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Las Vegas Bail Bonds Now serves the Clark County area with the finest and most detailed bail bond services available. Our trained bondsmen cater to each of our clients’ needs on a case by case basis, to determine the best route for posting bail, along with financial support that is comfortable and secure.


Each of our bondsmen are licensed professionals that maintain the highest standard of confidentiality and privacy. Regardless of the offense or nature of your arrest, our bondsmen are here to provide assistance to ease your situation.

We will not dispose of your arrest information to third parties other than court-related officials, so you can be sure that your personal information will not be jeopardized.


If you’re looking for services relating to the aftermath of your arrest, such as local attorneys specializing in your relevant casework, we can readily provide list of local lawyers that can be of service. We work in the area alongside several attorneys that have a range of field specializations and can be contacted to help you with your following court proceedings. While we can’t suggest one attorney over another, we can help you, at least, begin the search process of finding one.

If you’re looking for another type of referral for services, such as counseling or court-related, simply ask one of our bondsmen and we can redirect you in the direction of specialized professionals in those fields.

Court Proceedings

Once your bond has been settled and you’ve been released, we will need to keep in touch until your case has been resolved. Though many court cases may take several months or years to completely close, it is important to maintain transparency throughout the duration of those proceedings.

In the terms of agreement, we arrange for exterior collateral that will financially substantiate the remaining balance of your bail if it is unavailable in cash funds. In order to dissolve the balance of your remaining bail, you will have to make regular court appearances and follow the judge’s schedule accordingly until your case has closed. If you fail to do so, this may result in the use of your collateral to provide the court with your unsettled bail balance.

Settling Bond

We encourage our clients to update us frequently on the status of their cases so that communication is clear and efficient. If you have agreed to our terms of service and successfully resolved your case, it should be noted that our bondsmen will retain the deposit amount during the initial bail bond procedure.

Your collateral will remain untouched throughout your court proceedings and only accessed if you fail to resolve your case. Otherwise, once it has been completed, your collateral is released from our contractual agreement for the closure of your case. During these times, our goal is to work with you directly to settle your bond, so you can continue to live your life free from worry or financial fault.


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