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Whatever price your bail bond may be, our bondsmen are here to curve the anxiety that many individuals have when they see that number. We work with our clients to provide honest and open communication throughout the process of posting bail. We want you to go home quickly, safely, and without financial trouble. Our bond services are designed for those that need professional assistance and guidance to post bail, as we’re here to answer any questions and offer resources.

Variations of Crimes

Our bondsmen are available to assist with bonds relevant to domestic violence, DUI, assault, or violation of existing court orders such as restraining orders. Each violation will carry a differing bail amount that is either standardized or up to the discretion of the judge, the accused crime’s circumstances, and whether or not you have an existing criminal record, warrants, etc.


While the cost of most bails is daunting and unrealistic, our bondsmen are here to help ease the frustration. We’re open and honest about the expected costs and fees when obtaining our services, and follow state regulations that oversee the premiums bail bondsmen are allowed to receive from clients. In your contract with us, you’ll receive information in writing with the expected fees, depending on your bail amount, inclusive with a 15% deposit charge to secure our services. This fee is set by the state of Nevada and cannot be negotiated, refunded, or otherwise.

However, we work closely with our clients to provide tailored payment plans or services that are accommodating to clients’ budgets. Before signing the contract, we’ll also run through the expectations of collateral that amounts to the remaining balance of your bail. After all this, we can swiftly post your bail for release.


By contacting a bondsman to post bail for you, this speeds up the process of your release. Depending on your situation, there are a few ways to go about securing bail with our services. You can contact us directly and we will aid you through the process, or you can have a friend, family member, or attorney act on your behalf through us. Whatever you decide, we’re here to offer nothing short of quality bail bonds services.

If you have an individual acting on your behalf, you can be sure that they will receive just as detailed information as yourself, if you had done so in person. Not only can loved ones help mediate between you and our bondsmen, but if you lack financial means or collateral to adequately hire a bondsman, they can also serve as a co-signer to your bond.


After your release, if we’ve come to a contractual payment agreement and schedule, you can begin making your payments back to our bondsmen through mail, or in person, and by cash or check. Such payments are determined on the basis of your bail bond amount and the agreement you’ve come to with our bondsmen on your respective case.


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